The problem with Republican campaigns, causes, and clubs is the need to find new voters, followers, or supporters.  Normally, victory can be achieved by maximizing the Republican vote.  However, because of demographic changes, there will be a need to add the "missing piece" to the Republican vote to achieve victory, or to grow an organization.

Lifetime Political Consultants (LPC) provides the missing piece to Republican campaigns.  This missing piece is a combination of Independent, Swing, Soft-Democrats, and New or First-time voters.  Using Data Science, we help campaigns Identify, Persuade, and Turn Out this missing piece to achieve victory.

This is an example of a General Election, assuming 51% victory.  “The missing piece” is the non-Republican vote.



If you’ve done your campaign formula and have not included a plan to turn out Independents, Soft-Democrats, Swing, and New or First-time voters, then you need LPC as part of your team.  Contact us now so we can get started!