Social Media Integration

Integrating social media and digital tools into political campaigns is essential to victory, for it helps identify voters, amplify a persuasion message, and turn out voters on Election Day. 

For example:

  • Voter Data is aggregated based on registered voters, their voter history, and periodic updates on early voters.
  • CRM offers a platform to manage data along with website design, target emails, analytics, donation processing, paths for supporters, and an overall infrastructure of networked engagement.
  • Canvassing tools provide organization for block walks, phone banks, auto-dialing, and other forms of phone communication.
  • Ringless Voicemail increases the ROI for voter contact.
  • Non-traditional GOTV strategies offer cost-saving and time-saving benefits, i.e. Addressable TV, Geo-fencing, or Facebook profiles that uniquely match targeted voters.

Let us help you integrate social media and digital technologies into your traditional, political campaign or membership drive.